Rules of raffles and other similar campaigns organized by Oddlygood Global Ltd (“Oddlygood”)

These rules apply to all raffles and other similar campaigns posted in Oddlygood’s TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Website (“Channels”). If there is a discrepancy between these rules and the relevant post posted in the Channels, the wording of the relevant post shall prevail.

The raffles and similar campaigns posted in Oddlygood’s Channels are organized by Oddlygood.

Any natural person over the age of 16 may participate in the raffles and similar campaigns.

The raffles and similar campaigns can be participated in by following the instructions and during the time period specified in the relevant post. After said time period has passed, Oddlygood chooses the winner(s). The winner(s) will be informed of their win as specified in the relevant post. The prizes of the raffle and similar campaigns are specified in the relevant post and they will be delivered to the winner(s) in such a way as explained in the relevant post. If the prize is a possibility to participate in an event, the prize does not include the transportation of the winner(s) to the event or any accommodation, unless specifically stated otherwise in the relevant post. Oddlygood does not insure any such events or their participants.

If a participant has given Oddlygood false or insufficient contact information or if Oddlygood is not able to deliver to the participant information on their win or the prize with efforts and costs that Oddlygood considers reasonable, Oddlygood is not obligated to deliver the prize. Moreover, Oddlygood may refuse to deliver the prize if the participant is not eligible to participate in the raffle or similar campaign under these rules or due to other similar reason. In such cases, Oddlygood may, but is not obligated to, choose another winner. The prizes will not be converted into money or any other goods.

If the raffle or other similar campaign requires the participants to send pictures or videos or similar material, by participating in the raffle or similar campaign, the participants assure that the material is not offensive or inappropriate, that they have all necessary rights to the material and its distribution and that the material does not breach any third party’s intellectual property rights. Oddlygood shall have the right to publish such material in its Channels and use them in its marketing without cost, but is not liable for the material published by the participants.

Personal data of the participants will be processed in accordance with Oddlygood Global Ltd’s privacy notice for consumer customers that can be found here: https://oddlygood.com/privacy-policies/privacy-notice-for-consumer-customers/.

Oddlygood is not liable for any damages caused or claimed to have been caused, either directly or indirectly, by the participation in any raffles or similar campaigns organized by Oddlygood, or by accepting or using (or attending, if applicable) the prize. Oddlygood shall not be liable for any problems or hinders in participating in the raffles or similar campaigns or receiving (or attending, if applicable) the prize that are due to technical, logistical or any other similar reason.

Oddlygood shall have the right to amend these rules with immediate effect without any notifications. Oddlygood shall also have the right to cancel or change the raffle or similar campaign if it considers it necessary. These rules, any specifications mentioned in the relevant post and any decision Oddlygood has taken based on these rules or the relevant post are binding on all participants. Any possible dispute, controversy or claim relating to the application or interpretation of these rules or anything stated in the relevant post will be finally and unilaterally decided by Oddlygood.