Taste. Simply put, that’s all we are about. Everything we do must taste extremely delicious, because you know what awesome food does? It changes the world.

The food we eat is one of the biggest game changers when it comes to both the wellbeing of our planet and our bodies. But the world does not change fast enough if good food does not taste good enough.

That is why we live to make products that rock your world. Food so tasty that it’s no longer an alternative, but the best possible choice in the whole store. We are not fighting against the dairy industry or any kind of diet. Our only challenger is taste itself. We are suitable for vegans, flexies, gluten avoiders, car drivers, moms and emos across the world – anyone who is driven by the delicious.

Oddlygood was kicked-off in 2018 by the Finnish dairy company Valio, known across the globe for its innovations. With dairy knowledge in our DNA, we took our teachings to Oddlygood, where we create products that are famous for their creaminess and smoothness – the best taste and feeling without compromises.

“Oddly good”, said a Finnish guy when he first tried out our plant-based, dairy-free yogurt alternative. We chose this name as a reminder of how surprisingly delicious plant-based food can be. World-rocking even?

Grab a spoon and find out for yourself!


Say hello to our world rocking tasty, plant-based, dairy-free oat yogurt family, bursting with juicy flavors and crazy smoothness. Fully dairy-free, soy-free, care-free… These sweeties are suitable for anyone looking for a tasty and healthy snack!