5 Ways to Use Oddlygood Plant-Based Mozzarella

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly interested in exploring vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Even those who don’t adopt a plant-based lifestyle may be looking to decrease their meat consumption or simply want to try something new.

With this in mind, food service establishments can appeal to a wider audience by increasing their range of vegan-friendly ingredients. If your restaurant's menu has plenty of cheesy options, Oddlygood's plant-based mozzarella alternative can help you create vegan versions of your customers' favorite dishes.

Great ways to use Oddlygood’s plant-based cheese alternative

Looking for some inspiration? Here are five easy, delicious ways to incorporate Oddlygood plant-based mozzarella into your restaurant's menu.

Burgers, sandwiches, and wraps

Bread and cheese are a simple but mouthwatering combination with countless applications. If you’re already offering vegetarian burgers, sandwiches, or wraps, simply swap out your current cheese for Oddlygood mozzarella substitute. Melt some on top of your plant-based burgers, or place directly on the bread to create the ultimate vegan grilled cheese. You can also serve it as-is on top of cold sandwiches or inside of wraps.


A versatile and quintessential comfort food, pasta is a customer favorite that can easily be made vegan. Sprinkle some plant based mozzarella shreds on top of your pasta dishes before baking in the oven for a perfect gooey finish. For vegan-friendly mac and cheese, opt for non-dairy milk and butter alongside your plant-based mozzarella cheese. Mix in any vegetables and plant-based meat substitutes, and you’ve got yourself a hearty dish that fits into any vegan diet.


Popular pizza chains such as Dominos and Pizza Hut now offer plant-based ingredients, so consider following their lead. Since most marinara and other red tomato sauces are made from plant-based ingredients, creating a vegan pizza is an easy and appealing swap. Top any pie with our vegan mozzarella sprinkles, which melts beautifully without burning, even in the hottest of pizza ovens. For a margherita pie or any other variety that calls for fresh mozzarella, simply slice up an Oddlygood mozzarella log and top as desired.

Salad topping

Salads are a popular choice for health-conscious consumers. They are endlessly customizable, are easy to take on the go, and can pack a ton of nutrition into one meal. Though salads can easily be made vegan by taking off the meat and cheese, offering vegan cheese as a topping can encourage even more customers to order them. Thick slices or shreds of mozzarella make a great mix-in for any greens-based salad or can be incorporated into caprese and fruit-based salads.


A favorite of bakeries and brunch spots, quiche can easily be adapted into a vegan-friendly dish. For both the crust and the filling, swap out the eggs for egg substitute, as well as non-dairy milk and butter for their dairy counterparts. Incorporate your desired meat substitutes and vegetables into the filling, then mix in and top with Oddlygood plant-based mozzarella sprinkles. The end result: a fluffy, savory, flavorful masterpiece that your customers will order over and over again.

Why choose Oddlygood vegan cheese?

Oddlygood’s plant-based cheese products are carefully crafted with the purest ingredients, so your customers can enjoy their favorite dishes without the dairy. Here are just a few advantages of our vegan cheese:

  • It comes in two convenient food service ready forms (shreds and logs), so you can incorporate them into every recipe or application.
  • It melts extremely well and won’t burn, even in high-temperature ovens. This reduces food waste while also creating a more delicious dish.
  • It stays creamy even when cooled, so it’s an ideal option for to-go dishes or catered meals.
  • It expands your menu offerings, so customers with a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences can enjoy your restaurant.
  • It can boost your bottom line. Customers will pay up to 65% more for vegan dishes, so chances are they’ll be happy to cover the extra cost for plant-based toppings.

Want to add more plant based options to your restaurant? Check out Oddlygood’s full line of plant-based, vegan-friendly ingredients.