5 Ways to Use Plant-Based Cheddar

Cheese makes a great addition to any dish, and those who eat plant-based diets don’t have to miss out on the fun and flavor.

With the right cheese alternative, you can recreate any recipe that calls for dairy-based cheese. Here are five ways to swap in plant-based cheddar cheese without compromising on melty goodness.

Burgers and sandwiches Nothing brings a sandwich together quite like melted cheddar cheese. Oddlygood cheddar-style sliced cheese alternative has a perfectly melty texture that nestles all of your carefully crafted ingredients close to the bread for the most satisfying bites.

If you want to start experimenting with autumnal dishes, try a sweet and savory grilled cheese that unites crisp fall apples, plant-based bacon, Oddlygood cheddar, and Dijon. A slice of our high-quality plant-based cheese will also take your meatless burger to the next level, not only in taste but also in nutritional value.

Tacos and quesadillas Your dairy-free customers can now cool down their spicy veggie tacos with a sprinkle of Oddlygood cheddar-style plant-based shredded cheese alternative. Tacos are an easy meal to modify when it comes to accommodating a varied assortment of dietary restrictions. With crispy roasted sweet potatoes, a drizzle of naturally vegan chimichurri, and Oddlygood cheddar, you’ll turn every plant-based customer into a regular.

With our shredded plant-based cheddar, you can create oozy quesadillas or have the perfect topping for enchiladas and heart-warming chili — a staple autumn meal for cooler months. By incorporating plant-based cheddar into your menu, no one has to miss out on the full Mexican cuisine experience.

Pasta Every season has its pasta, and as the weather gets cooler, you won’t have to miss out on carbs and comfort. Adapt Oddlygood's cheesy pasta bake to any season or cuisine by mixing up the veggies, tossing in plant-based sausage, and adding a sprinkle of fresh herbs. Our plant-based cheddar is the best dupe for savory fall favorites like butternut squash and sage mac and cheese. It stays creamy in the cheese sauce and makes a golden melt on top for the most authentic cheesy dishes. Top it with crispy bits of plant-based bacon for an added crunch and flavor.

Salads Salads are an excellent option for a nutritious lunch, healthy side dish, or tasty appetizer. There are endless opportunities to remix your salad offerings with seasonal ingredients and provide enough variety to satisfy every palate and craving. Oddlygood’s plant-based cheddar is the perfect accompaniment for any salad that could use a little cheese to tie it all together. Whether you’re serving a cobb salad full of fresh veggies, taco salad with smoky tofu, or an autumnal spinach salad tossed with apples and butternut squash, Oddlygood’s cheddar-style cheese alternative can complement it all. It pairs well with sweet or savory ingredients and is just as tasty cold as it is warm.

Side dishes For many Americans, the side dishes are the star of the show at Thanksgiving. With more consumers experimenting with tofurkey and other meat alternatives, plant-based sides must rise to the occasion. Whether your restaurant is hosting or catering for the holiday, Oddlygood plant-based cheddar will expand your festive menu to better serve the dairy-free crowd.

Our plant-based cheddar maintains its consistency even as it cools, making it easy for large orders and holiday catering. Your customers will want to dive right into a warm bowl of cheesy scalloped potatoes; and if you’re serving brunch, surprise your diners with creamy plant-based cheddar grits.

Why choose Oddlygood’s cheddar-style cheese? Thanks to Oddlygood’s high-quality plant-based cheese, you can recreate practically any cheesy dish you want without compromising your customers’ dietary restrictions. Our cheese retains its creamy consistency and bubbles without burning in high temperatures, giving your chefs the best results every time. Our products will help you meet the rising demand for plant-based alternatives and your customers won’t believe it’s plant-based cheese.

Want to add more “cheesy” plant-based dishes to your restaurant’s menu? Check out Oddlygood’s full line of plant-based cheeses including Cheddar-Style Plant-Based Sliced Cheese Alternative!