8 Plant-Based Recipes for Your Restaurant's Brunch Menu

Brunch continues to skyrocket among foodies as the perfect weekend activity, especially in the warm summer months. Despite an overall dip in dining out during the pandemic, a Mintel report found that more than two in five consumers plan to increase their breakfast and brunch ordering in 2022 and beyond.

If your restaurant or foodservice business is open for brunch, ensure your customers have optionality by catering to all diets. This includes searching for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy-heavy dishes that are often found on traditional breakfast and brunch menus.

If you and your chefs are looking to implement plant-based items into your brunch menu, here are some of the easiest dishes to make ingredient swaps.

1. Omelets, frittatas, and quiches A staple on any brunch menu, omelets and their close cousins frittatas and quiches are a versatile and cost-effective way to offer your customers the ultimate customization options for their breakfast. Offering plant-based cheeses, sausage, and bacon (in addition to the usual array of veggies like peppers, onion, spinach, and mushrooms) as mix-ins is a great way to make these egg-based dishes more appealing to those who are watching their meat and dairy intake. Because cheese is such a common ingredient in omelets, frittatas, and quiches, it’s important to get this ingredient right if you’re going for a plant-based substitute. Oddlygood plant based cheese alternatives taste and melt like dairy cheese and come in popular varieties like cheddar and mozzarella.

2. French toast French toast is often a sweet and indulgent brunch dish that incorporates fruit toppings and sometimes, a sweet cream filling. Using plant-based cream cheese or yogurt as the base for your stuffed French Toast filling can open this menu item up to a wider group of consumers.

3. Yogurt bowls A yogurt bowl or a parfait is a filling and tasty dish that’s perfect as an appetizer or for a quick, on-the-go breakfast. Foodies can get creative with their yogurt bowls, adding in a variety of fresh fruit and granola. Dairy-free oat yogurt is a great alternative for those looking to substitute out traditional dairy-based yogurts, as it is just as creamy and filling.

4. Flatbread Flatbreads are a perfect savory brunch menu item because they’re light and versatile. Chefs can go in many directions for their flatbread offerings, including this fig and arugula option, which uses a mozzarella-style plant-based shredded cheese alternative for extra flavor.

5. Specialty toast A simple, creative toast dish can be the crown jewel of your brunch or breakfast menu. Add a topping or filling to your toast, where the bread can help sustain and amplify its flavors. This plant-based toast recipe features plant-based cheddar and peppers and is a fantastic spin on this humble breakfast dish.

6. Cornbread Cornbread is the perfect sweet and savory brunch side dish for the table. You can add a little spice to yours by making cheddar jalapeno cornbread. This recipe gives an extra kick to traditional cornbread and subs out regular cheddar cheese for a plant-based option.

7. Breakfast tacos Breakfast tacos are a fun and appetizing variation of this classic Mexican dish. While typically made with eggs and cheese, these smoky cauliflower tacos get their flavor from a cheddar-style cheese alternative and a homemade chimichurri sauce. When most restaurants are using the standard salsa, you’ll blow your customers away with this Argentinian paste that is underutilized in the restaurant scene.

8. Cheesy grits Popular in Southern cuisine, grits are traditionally made with boiled cornmeal, butter, cream, and often, a healthy (or perhaps, not so healthy?) helping of cheese. Plant-based cheeses and butter are an excellent substitution for these dairy products and will blend seamlessly into your grits, adding both flavor and a creamy texture.

Let Oddlygood inspire your plant-based breakfast menu Looking to expand the options on your restaurant’s breakfast or brunch menu? If you want to offer some of these classic menu items to a wider customer base by incorporating plant-based ingredients, try Oddlygood’s line of delicious plant-based cheeses and other dairy alternatives.