How to Celebrate World Vegetarian Month at Your Restaurant

October is World Vegetarian Month — a chance to celebrate and honor plant-based dishes and recognize the benefits of following a plant-based diet. This awareness month exists to educate and inform people about the benefits of eating a vegetarian diet.

As a restaurant owner, there are many ways you can celebrate World Vegetarian Month and appeal to your vegetarian or plant-based customers. Here are a few ideas to keep the celebration going throughout October.

Put plant-based specials on the menu

Offer plant-based specials throughout October for customers who are looking to celebrate the national month. You can create specials for various courses, from apps to side dishes. Here are some recipes to spark inspiration and ideas for your restaurant.

Appetizers There are countless plant-based alternatives from buffalo wings and mini meatballs you can offer to kick off a meal. For instance, this fig and arugula flatbread combines classic flavors like sweet fig, tangy balsamic, bitter, peppery arugula, and cheesy plant-based mozzarella on Naan flatbread. It’s the perfect shareable treat for your plant-based visitors!

Another option you can offer is this plant-based toast. You’ve likely heard of the popular avocado toast duo, but what about this combo of creamy Oddlygood cheese with tangy and flavorful veggies on multigrain crispy toast? You can replicate our recipe or create your own plant-based version for diners to share as an appetizer.

Main course There are many plant-based main courses you can offer for World Vegetarian Month, from sandwiches and tacos to pizza and pasta dishes. For example, you can make this wild mushroom, caramelized onion, and spinach pizza with Oddlygood’s plant-based mozzarella cheese to wow your plant-based customers; or try out these balsamic roasted vegetable wraps with Oddlygood’s shredded cheddar cheese alternative.

Some other great alternatives include Oddlygood’s bean burger with plant-based cheese,smokey cauliflower tacos with chimichurri, and plant-based cheesy pasta bake.

Side dishes You can also offer vegetarian side dishes to complement the above main courses. For instance, try this cheddar jalapeno cornbread with Oddlygood’s plant-based shredded cheddar cheese — the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and spicy. Another great vegetarian side dish you can feature on your menu is the plant-based cheddar and caramelized shallot scalloped potatoes.

Have customers vote on the next plant-based menu item

Come up with a few new plant-based menu item ideas (like those listed above) and allow customers to vote on them throughout the month. Let them try the items at a discounted price (or even for free!) and empower them to share feedback on which they liked best and what they liked most about the dishes. This will give you insight into which recipes you should keep on the menu going forward.

Host a special themed event

Hosting events at your restaurant will draw new and existing customers to your business. Get creative when brainstorming ways to celebrate World Vegetarian Month and ask some of your loyal customers to share their thoughts, too.

To help spark some inspiration, here are a few event ideas to consider:

  • Free plant-based dish tastings
  • Live music
  • Themed night (e.g. Vegetarian’s Night)
  • Happy hour (offering discounts on plant-based dishes during a certain timeframe)
  • Cooking class (for plant-based recipes)

Let Oddlygood inspire your restaurant’s World Vegetarian Month celebration! If you want to offer some classic menu items to a wider customer base by incorporating plant-based ingredients, try Oddlygood’s line of delicious plant-based cheeses, Barista drink and yogurts.