Oat yogurt FAQ’s

What is an oat yogurt alternative?

  • Oddlygood™ oat yogurt is a cultured, 100% plant-based yogurt-like spoonable snack, made primarily from Gluten Free Canadian oats. Oddlygood™ oat-based yogurts contain live lactic bacteria, as well as pea protein to increase its protein content. Oddlygood™ oat yogurts are made of 100% plant-based ingredients and do not contain any milk. You can use them as such or mix them with e.g. muesli, berries and fruit, or mix them into refreshing smoothies.

Where are Oddlygood™ oat yogurts made?

  • The products are made in the USA.

How should the product be stored?

  • Refrigerated.

What is the origin of the oats?

  • Our oats are from Canada.

Are Oddlygood™ oat-based oat yogurts sweetened, and if yes, with what?

  • The product is sweetened with sugar. There are no artificial sweeteners.

Is the Oddlygood oat yogurt Dairy Free?

  • Yes, the oat yogurt is dairy-free and is suitable for persons with milk allergies or lactose intolerance.

Does the product contain GMO ingredients?

  • No, Oddlygood oat yogurt is non-GMO verified product.

Are the products gluten free?

  • Yes, the products are gluten free.

Are there added vitamins and minerals in the products?

  • Yes. Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 and calcium levels have been supplemented to match those of milk-based yogurt:
    • Vitamin D2 2 mcg (10 % *), Vitamin B12 1 mcg (40 % *), Calcium 180 mg (15 % *)

Are the products suited for vegans?

  • Oddlygood™ oat-based yogurts are suitable for vegans, as no animal-based substances are used in the products. In addition, animal products have not been used in the making of any of the ingredients, such as the starter cultures.