Oddlygood’s mouthwatering cheeses satisfy your customers’ cravings while building your business and profits. Available in an array of convenient forms (from shredded to slices to logs), our cheeses inspire and unleash every chef’s creativity!

Oddlygood works great on all takeout and to-go applications

Transform our yummy Cheddar into an A+ mac ‘n cheese. Or use it to top plant-based burgers to perfection. Offer pizza with our mozzarella; it will work with your customer’s non-dairy eating plan. Our products are every bit as easy to work with and melty-good as any other cheese. And with “to-go” orders booming, we’re proud that Oddlygood cheese stays creamy even when cooled. It has all the eye appeal and great texture as when it came out of the oven, making it the perfect partner to grow your business with today’s style of eating.

Sustainable and So Good! For the Way America Eats Today

Lastly, we want to share that Oddlygood is 100% sustainable – go ahead and run with that! It’s something worth applauding, we think, and your customer becomes more and more interested in protecting the planet. You can advertise this message as you build your business with today’s environmentally conscious Millennial consumer. The combination of great-tasting and good for the earth is hard to beat!


Our products are carefully crafted to meet the needs of modern food prep, while appealing to a growing audience that truly gives a damn about what they eat. We’ve consulted with everyone—from large, national cafeterias to mom-and-pop pizzerias—to ensure that our products are economic, recipe-friendly and, above all, delicious!