Oddlygood Barista

It's All About The Taste

When you want to go all-in and indulge on your coffee, this is the drink for you. The secret to our full-bodied recipe is the way we maximize our oats. We use all of the oat, and don't remove any part of it when making this delicious product. By doing it this way, we're reducing food waste, while maximizing the drink's satisfying smoothness. Our All-In Barista Oat Drink is Dairy-free, Gluten-free and Vegan-friendly.

Why is our Barista better?

  • Oats - We use the entire oat, so there's no waste
  • Taste - Full-bodied, round taste that complements the flavor of your coffee
  • Functionality - Most dairy alternatives “flake” after mixing with hot or cold coffee (due to its acidity), our All-In Barista Oat Drink does not!
  • Multi-Purpose - Perfect hot or cold, in drinks and in cooking.

Don't settle - Go ALL-IN!

Our Champion-Level Barista

We’ve spent years perfecting our Barista oat drink. Perfect for specialty coffee, filter coffee or a classic drip coffee, Oddlygood’s Barista Oat Drink features a rich texture and delightfully subtle flavor.

Our Oddlygood Barista was developed with a top-level coffee professional, barista Lari Järnefelt. He is a two-time Finnish barista champion who understands how critical modern coffee customers are, and what qualities they require for the perfect coffee drink.

“The soft, clean taste has just the right amount of oats, not too salty and not too sweet. It gives room for the coffee's own taste.” - Lari Järnefelt

How-to Create the Perfect Oddlygood Barista Foam:

  • Frothing any milk alternative can be compared to whipping cream: in order to get foam from liquid, you have to whip air into it.
  • Before you froth, the Barista oat drink must be super cold.
  • Good coffee foam is soft and pliable, not hard and dry. When the foam is successful, like drinking a captivating cappuccino, you won't notice where the foam ends and where the coffee begins.
  • Air must be introduced into the coffee drink evenly and gradually. After that, the structure of the oat drink is worked on so that the air is divided into tiny bubbles.
  • There is limited time to create foam, as the Barista heats up throughout the foaming process. The frothing is stopped when the temperature of the milk is 130-150°F.
  • After frothing, you should turn the jug a couple of times so that the Barista mixes evenly. If there are large bubbles on the surface of the milk, they can be easily removed by hitting the jug lightly against the table.